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Jet Advisor is built on two decades of experience in aviation. Founded in March 2011, our growth was slow and steady, as a natural effect of the accumulated experience. Throughout the years, we have been through various situations. We have onboarded operators virtually from one day to another, maintaining safe operations, we have planned flights to extremely difficult regions, we were behind very complex missions, we’ve even seen our share of various  emergencies and handled them by the book. The stories we collected can entertain people for days in a row. We fought for the interest of our customers as fiercely as anyone would fight for his own interest. Also, we made every mistake you can think of. In fact, that is exactly our strength, because all those mistakes in one place have a name: experience. In 2022, with a fleet of over 70 airplanes and a wonderful, large, experienced, and loyal team, we are stronger than ever, in the privileged position of doing what we love..

Operations Control Center Services

The times of Flight Dispatch working isolated are gone, as missions become more complex and regulatory requirements stricter. Balancing crew duty with an efficient routing, political restrictions, permit cost and passenger preference is something that the classic Flight Dispatch setup can simply not do. We know, because the tens of thousands of planned flights across the globe have taught us. Jet Advisor offers  that experience in the form of integrated services where all this, and more, are factored in, for a complete and cost saving operational solution. 

Flight Concierge

VIP Passengers need and deserve a world class experience and with Jet Advisor, this experience starts the moment the booking is made. We can make sure that the operator product can be showcased long before the passenger sets foot in the cabin. Staff with outstanding training maintain contact with the passengers – or with designated passenger representatives -, ensuring that available options are explained in detail so that educated, optimal decisions are made.


If you manage an AOC and require competitive pricing, you know how difficult and time consuming it is to negotiate good conditions. From handling services, to fuel, crew training, aircraft insurance, we are a call away. We have contracted these services for over 200 aircraft, and now you can benefit from that knowledge, experience and leverage by working with us.


Becoming a Flight Dispatcher requires theoretical training as well as on-the-job training. As the largest independent Operations Control Center in Europe, we have the expertise, knowledge and means to offer  both. Our EASA-approved, “ab initio” syllabus for virtual and classroom training are the guarantee that our students will make great Flight Dispatchers.

Our Expertise

Jet Advisor team

What Do our clients say

Dear All, it is times like these that we see who is good at what they do and who is not, the professional and the others . I really miss you all and appreciate greatly what you guys are capable to do to keep us in the air. Together we are a ROCKSTAR BAND!!!!! KEEP STRONG!!!!!!.

Alex B

- pilot

Good morning !! I wish you a happy, successful and most of all healthy new year 2020 !! Go on supporting us in the way done 2019, it is a pleasure to working with you !! Your team is doing a great job !!

Geoffrey W

- business owner

Good job to everybody, it was long day. Proud of you!

Marc H

- pilot

Dear all, Just to tell you thanks for the great job you did with us, was always easy for everyone and I am very happy with your team.

Nicolas D

pilot and business owner


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