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Jet Advisor story starts in March 2011, with seven Bombardier Learjet 60 airplanes and two dispatchers. After a year of successful business, another operator joins with two Global Express aircrafts. A few months later, the dispatched fleet increases even more and the range of our operations becomes worldwide. Throughout the years, we have been through difficult situations. We have taken over large number of airplanes from one day to another on several occasions, we have planned flights to extremely difficult regions, we were behind very complex missions, we’ve even seen our flight hijacked at gunpoint. The stories we collected can entertain people for days in a row. We won over new customers and we lost a few along the way, but we fought for each and every one of them as fiercely as anyone would fight for his own interest. Also, we made every mistake you can think of. In fact that is exactly our strength, because all those mistakes in one place have a name: experience. In 2020, with a fleet of over 60 airplanes and a wonderful, large, experienced and loyal team, we are stronger than ever, in the privileged position of doing what we love.

Meet the team

Below you can find our most treasured team members, the very people you will be in touch with for your daily operations.

  • Alex Miclos

    Managing Director

  • Claire Donisan

    Head of Flightsupport

  • Razvan Butoiu

    Flight Dispatcher

  • Ciprian Daniel Vinchici

    Flight Dispatcher
    Internal Quality Manager

  • Evana Mukherjee

    Head of External Relations

  • Madalina Ariadna Bencsik

    Flight Concierge

  • John Ples

    Flight Dispatcher

  • Vasile Tiberiu Donisan

    Flight Dispatcher
    Internal IT Manager

  • Kadhem Rebai

    Flight Dispatcher

  • Cheker Debbabi

    Flight Dispatcher

  • Ghazi Meddeb

    Flight Dispatcher

  • Alexandra Heckel

    Ground Operations
    Internal Training Manager

  • Vesna Giurcovici

    Head of AOC Support

  • Vlad Milea

    Ground Operations

  • Cerasela Jurca Hent

    Ground Operations

  • Helmuth Sallai

    Ground Operations

  • Stefan Calin

    Crew Control Manager

  • Daniela Magdalena Sutu

    Head of Flight Concierge

  • Maria Mezei

    Deputy Head of Flight Concierge

  • Monica Vidoni

    HR Manager

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  • Bombardier Global Express
  • Bombardier Global 5000
  • Bombardier Global 6000
  • Bombardier Challenger 605
  • Bombardier Learjet 60
  • Dassault Falcon 2000EX
  • Dassault Facon 7X



  • Luxaviation Germany

  • Luxaviation Luxembourg

  • Luxaviation Belgium

  • Air Support A/S

  • Lara Accounting

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What our Clients say

Dear All, it is times like these that we see who is good at what they do and who is not, the professional and the others . I really miss you all and appreciate greatly what you guys are capable to do to keep us in the air. Together we are a ROCKSTAR BAND!!!!! KEEP STRONG!!!!!!. `Alex B, pilot`

Good morning !! I wish you a happy, successful and most of all healthy new year 2020 !! Go on supporting us in the way done 2019, it is a pleasure to working with you !! Your team is doing a great job !! `Geoffrey W, business owner`

Dear Jet Advisor dispatch team and Customer Service team, I would like to thank you for superb support in flight dispatch for the last 1.5 years, you became excellent in long range planning and also to cope with demanding clients/person as an example on my side. Wish you all a great summer, bright future, hope to meet again. `Robert C, pilot`

Good job to everybody, it was long day. Proud of you! `Marc H, pilot`

Dear all, Just to tell you thanks for the great job you did with us, was always easy for everyone and I am very happy with your team. `Nicolas D, pilot and business owner`
For now, you can reach us at : concierge@jetadvisor.eu
or +40 747 122 133
For now, you can reach us at : concierge@jetadvisor.eu or +40 747 122 133